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Interview: Surfing/Snorkelling enthusiast Mei Mei Wang

Our resident guru of all things wilderness, Risdon, had a chat to MD2 surfing and snorkelling enthusiast Mei Mei Wang. She had some sound advice about preparing for any upcoming water based trips you might have. Risdon: When did you first realise you had a passion for snorkelling?Mei Mei: It was about an hour or […]

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How to Plan an Adventure like a Pro

An adventure without a plan will cause the adventurer to become like a medical student on a ward round; lost and scared. But beware, over-planning is like a medical student at exam time; boring and with no friends. Planning generally boils down to answering three simple questions. Where to go, who to go with, and […]

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Climbing 101: Climbing injuries

Climbing is a great time but accidents and injuries happen occasionally. Before you climb, read up on prevention and first-aid management of common climbing injuries. Look out and care for one another while out in the wilderness. Happy climbing!

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WMSS tips & tricks for hiking

Here are some tips and tricks to keep everyone safe and happy while out on the trails. WMSS top 10 hiking tips Pack light – aim for never more than 20% of your body weight. This may seem hard to do but you will be happy you did! Check the weather – but always expect […]

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