George Bass Coastal Walk – trip highlights

Author: Natalie

If you joined us for the George Bass Coastal Walk then keep reading to relive some fantastic moments (and see if you were lucky enough to get a mention in this article…)

If you didn’t join us then definitely keep reading because you will become tachycardic and start hyperventilating – no you are not suffering from cardiogenic shock, these are the physical manifestations of FOMO which will hopefully prompt you to join next time!!

Here are our next two events for those wanting to end the FOMO…
Kayaking/Canoeing Weekend – 14th-15th March
Wilsons Prom Hike – 28th-29th March

On a rainy Saturday afternoon on the 15th February we made our way down to the Kilcunda Oceanview Holiday Retreat. As weird wilderness enthusiasts it’s not surprising that so many of us were free for a hike (‘long walk on the beach’) on Valentine’s weekend.

Soon after arrival we were treated to a fantastic talk by Sean, a helicopter paramedic. We have now all been scared into never leaving home without an EPIRB.

Dinner at The Kilcunda Oceanview Hotel (or “The Killy” to locals) filled our stomachs and warmed our souls. It was a great chance to get to know all the other hikers (even those hailing from enemy territory AKA Monash @Ellen Forster).

A windy night kept many of us awake into the wee hours but that wasn’t enough to dampen our enthusiasm for the stunning 14km return George Bass Coastal Walk (the flies were a real test of character strength though). Buddy the cocker spaniel and John Huang the MD3 with the energy of a cocker spaniel set a stormy pace. The views were incredible, the snacks interesting (@Jess Zhang with her vegemite-flavoured chips) and the company unbeatable.

After a challenging 14km we were well and truly ready to indulge in some Dahl from the famed Kilcunda General Store (mostly so that @Romy Lipstitchup would stop talking about it).

A truly unforgettable weekend!

And here we will leave you with some Hike-Us and aCROSStics from our Hike Guru’s.

Kilcunda Hotel
$31 Chicken
I was still hungry
-John Huang

K – Killer hound (Buddy)
I – Involvement = making new friends!
L – Learning! (About wilderness medicine from Sean)
C – Coastal Views
U – Undulating Hills
N – No whales
D – Dahl (the BEST!)
A – Avo and strawberries on olive bread for breakfast (try it!)
-Romy and Chloe

14k return
On a pristine coastal trail
Buddy leads the way

Flies flies flies flies flies
Bugger off you useless beasts
Die die die die die


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