WMSS to Wilsons Promontory

On the Southeast coast, Wilson’s Promontory National Park is Victoria’s largest coastal wilderness playground. WMSS had a wonderful time hiking hiking ‘the Prom’. Check it out!

Refuge Cove

The overnight stop for campers on weekend #2, accessible from Sealer’s cove from the North and Little Waterloo from the Southeast. At the Southern end of the beach, the camp is covered in bush a stone-throw from the beach. The track in and out, provides stunning views in all directions. A late arrival and set up did not detract from the high of camping out beside the big blue.

The sun was going down as we set up camp so the water was chilly! Ian and I jumped in while Liam puttered around saying he’ll just watch us swim. Typical Liam, couldn’t resist the water … he didn’t come back for half an hour.

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Little Waterloo Bay

Southwest of Refuge Cove, Little Waterloo is a big white-sand beach with gentle waters on the Eastern edge of the Prom. Somewhat dependent on the weather, this is a glorious beach to swim. Spot the fish in the waves and explore the rock formations at each end of the beach.

At Little Waterloo, the weather was gorgeous! Everyone got in … We also saw a few long bodied fish close to shore … clear blue waters – absolutely gorgeous! I swam over towards the southern bit and got taken out by a wave … lost my sunnies – may they rest peacefully somewhere in the sand.

– Unlucky student

Wilson’s Promontory trail map. Weekend #1 in Green – Tidal River to halfway hut, return. Weekend #2 in Orange – the Eastern Circuit: Telegraph Saddle to Refuge Cove, return via Telegraph Junction
Image adapted – Parks Victoria, http://www.parks.vic.govt.au

Oberon Bay

This pair of beaches (one big, one small) are accessible by foot/bike or boat only. Walking down the Eastern ridge, you get great views of the dunes and rock formations on the shoreline. The beaches are quiet and the waters relatively sheltered, so it is a perfect spot to spread out, strip off and throw a frisbee during lunch.

Quite a few memorable bitsincluding waking to sunrise by the beach. It rises from behind the hill. Also swimming at the beach was fantastic, even though I did not bring bathers
– Jessica

Norman Point

Turn right while walking South from Tidal River and at the end of the track is the rock covered clearing that is Norman Point. Sit and look out to the South over the islands (the Glennie Group). This was the pick of the places for group photos.

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The short-list of essentials

  • WMSS merch
  • Scroggin & Whittaker’s chocolate
  • Can-do attitude
  • Risdon’s flame thrower
  • Plastic poncho
  • Choccy milk & beans
  • Liam’s goggle-sunglasses
  • What are bathers?

The winner on the day was the WMSS hiking cups. They kept us caffeinated and/or intoxicated, and look great strapped to the pack.

The glorious groups

We practice what we preach! That is looking after the body and mind by spending time in our great green backyard. We had a great mix of people from Victoria, Australia and further abroad. There was a mixture of old-hands and newbies on their maiden track.

The challenge for the weekend was to keep medical chat to a minimum. Medicine related topics had to relate to ‘wilderness’ in some way. There were some fabulously creative attempts to make this work and some epic fails. Over all, a pass.

I am lucky to have awesome peers, ready to try anything thrown their way. Happy days – thanks WMSS

– Student

Thank you to all who came out to join us – see you on the trails again soon!


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