Scrambling through clouds at the Cathedral Range

A few days out from our Cathedral Range adventure and the forecast wasn’t looking great. With snow predicted down to 700m and our hike taking us up the range to nearly 1,000m we were expecting some wild and wooly conditions. But that will never stop a foolhardy group of diehard WMSS enthusiasts! We met at […]

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Adventures on the Glenelg River Canoe/Kayak Trail

Author: Liam – Photographer: Em If you are keen to have your own kayaking/canoeing adventure without the poor decision making. Jump on a WMSS trip. We have a trip to Glenelg River planned for 14-15 March which is perfectly suited for novice and seasoned paddlers alike. We can’t promise you won’t be tired, but we […]

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George Bass Coastal Walk – trip highlights

Author: Natalie If you joined us for the George Bass Coastal Walk then keep reading to relive some fantastic moments (and see if you were lucky enough to get a mention in this article…) If you didn’t join us then definitely keep reading because you will become tachycardic and start hyperventilating – no you are […]

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How to Plan an Adventure like a Pro

An adventure without a plan will cause the adventurer to become like a medical student on a ward round; lost and scared. But beware, over-planning is like a medical student at exam time; boring and with no friends. Planning generally boils down to answering three simple questions. Where to go, who to go with, and […]

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Climbing 101: Climbing injuries

Climbing is a great time but accidents and injuries happen occasionally. Before you climb, read up on prevention and first-aid management of common climbing injuries. Look out and care for one another while out in the wilderness. Happy climbing!

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WMSS tips & tricks for hiking

Here are some tips and tricks to keep everyone safe and happy while out on the trails. WMSS top 10 hiking tips Pack light – aim for never more than 20% of your body weight. This may seem hard to do but you will be happy you did! Check the weather – but always expect […]

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